#Stigma180 – reverse the stigma on mental health issues

#Stigma180 is the name of an anti-stigma campaign that runs January through April 2017.  The campaign is aimed at reversing — “doing a 180” — about the stigma surrounding mental health.  You’ll see the hashtag #Stigma180 used to tie different elements of the campaign together across social media, buildings, and school and community events. The campaign was created by specialized services staff with  the following goals in mind: to provide accurate information and resources about mental health to increase awareness, understanding, sensitivity, and responsiveness to mental health in our schools and community to engage members of the district and community in a dialogue and conversation about mental well- being and overall health. Questions? Contact ECCS Family School Coordinators: Samantha Lundgren (lundgrens@district112.org) or Eric Dean (DeanE@district112.org).  Follow @Stigma180 on Twitter for updates. Join us for one of the 10 presentations in the... Continue reading #Stigma180 – reverse the stigma on mental health issues

State Commissioner Visits Pioneer Ridge

State Commissioner Visits PRMS  On Friday, November 4th, Pioneer Ridge Middle School had the pleasure of hosting State Education Commissioner Dr. Brenda Cassellius and her cabinet. She is on a celebration tour of schools in Minnesota and as part of the Governor’s cabinet, will be sharing her experience back with lawmakers.  We shared with Commisioner Casselius the journey of implementing personalized learning at PRMS. Everyone was so excited and impressed by the learning they witnessed taking place.  At one point Commissioner Casselius commented about personalized learning saying that she had only seen one other district close to (in her words) “this deep level of implementation,” The state’s chief academic officer commented on the excitement he was witnessing and our students were exceptional ambassadors for the district.  “You are amazing educators; thank you for all you do.”  They are well aware that we have implemented personalized learning across our building and that every student that walks... Continue reading State Commissioner Visits Pioneer Ridge