MyStop gives parents and students access to live bus GPS info

MyStop is a web-based application available to all Eastern Carver County Schools parents and students that lets them access live bus GPS information. Using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, parents and students can view the current location of buses on routes and the estimated time of arrival at their neighborhood bus stops. This simple and informative tool gives parents, guardians and students the ability to know approximately where the school bus is on its route. MyStop displays the school bus’s approximate location on a map, as well as the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a specific student’s bus stop. The school bus’s location is automatically updated every few minutes, and the ETA is recalculated to accommodate any delays due to traffic while the bus is en route. Please note: does not work for after-school activity routes since there are no students assigned to them and no set stops. Learn more about MyStop and how to download the app on the district’s Transportation... Continue reading MyStop gives parents and students access to live bus GPS info

Main Office/Student Services Relocated

In an effort to better  serve our students and families, we have done a little reconfiguration of space in our main office area.  Student attendance, passes for arriving or leaving, parent pick up/drop off, etc. will still be in the front main office.  However, the administrative team and the administrative assistant have moved to the back of the office area into student services.  Students who need or are asked to see an administrator or nurse will now report to student services. Our counselors are also now located in the academic pods in order to be more accessible to students and provide timely support. Guests will continue to follow the same procedures and practices as always. Phone numbers also remain the same. Students will tour the new spaces during our opening week with their advisory.   During the summer office hours, guests will enter the building and please follow the signs around the corner to student services.  We appreciate your patience while we make these moves! We... Continue reading Main Office/Student Services Relocated

Important Dates:

July 24th:  Infinite Campus will roll to the 2018-19 school year as the default year.  The change means parents and students will no longer have access to 2017-18 information in Portal.  An e-mail from the district will be sent through campus to inform parents. If 2017-18 information such as the 17-18 report card is needed, please access it before July 24th.  After the 24th, parents will need to to contact the school.   August 22nd:  1pm-7pm, Open House.  Stop in for Lifetouch school pictures, drop off school supplies, pick up Personal Wellness uniforms, pay fees, set up your locker, purchase Chromebook covers, etc.  This is an open house format so there is no advantage to being here first. Come as your schedule allows and if you want to avoid the crowds, consider later in the day. Because of the teaming structure and to better serve some of our courses and programs, many teachers have relocated classrooms over the summer.  We encourage students to come on Open House and find their... Continue reading Important Dates:

Family Teams Are Back At PRMS

We are thrilled to be adding “families” back to our Pioneer Ridge experience.  Six years ago, we piloted our first personalized learning full team experience in 6th grade known as Adventures.  The following years we expanded the Adventures model to grade 7 and 8. During this time, we continued to work with all staff, through professional development and instructional coaching, to enhance instructional skills and pedagogy with the goal to be fully integrated in personalized learning opportunities across our entire building.  Each year, as we continued with professional development, the instructional differences and learner experiences between our two teams became smaller (as was always the goal). Last year, both our Explorer and Adventure teams were skilled in personalized learning strategies such as offering seminars, coaching workshops, personal flex, just in time supports and feedback, and student voice and choice; and thus the two structures for learning were very similar.   After... Continue reading Family Teams Are Back At PRMS