PRIDE is Everywhere at Pioneer Ridge!  

What is PRIDE?

  • PRIDE is our system of implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS).  It’s purpose is to provide a school-wide, district-wide approach for teaching, recognizing, and rewarding positive student behaviors while identifying and discussing undesirable behaviors. The PRIDE program also supports the district’s Behaviors that Support Learning which  all teachers will be reporting on this year. The PRIDE acronym stands for:


R– Respectful

I – Integrity

D– Dependable

E- Excellence

Rewarding Student Positive Behavior-PRIDE

  • Green PRIDE Tickets:
    • Students displaying positive behaviors that support learning will be issued green tickets.  These tickets are turned into the office for a chance to win prizes.

Redirecting Student Behavior-

  • Yellow Pause and Learn Tickets:
    • Students will be issued Pause and Learn tickets to redirect their behaviors to support their learning.  
    • 5  Pause and Learn Tickets = student and advisor conference to complete a Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP) including a phone call home.

Every student deserves a positive learning environment.  Thank you for supporting this PBIS/PRIDE system.