To allow us to partner with you and to communicate effectively and efficiently, it is critical that your phone number and email address are accurate in Campus Portal.

Please take a moment to log into Campus Portal to verify your contact information and update it if necessary.  To update your email address or phone number, click on the “Family Members” option on the left.  Your household phone may be changed under the “Household Information” option.  Please contact the PRMS main office for address changes.  Name changes are handled at the Welcome Center with legal documentation.

If parent(s)/guardian(s) do not have a Campus Portal account, please plan to visit the office during the open house to set one up.

Direct Communication:  We will utilize direct communication through phone calls, texts, and emails using the Campus Messenger system.  The mode of communication depends on the preferences you have elected in Campus Portal.  You will also receive an electronic Parent Newsletter at the beginning of each month, emailed to the address listed in Campus Portal.

General Communication: General school and student information is available through our monthly newsletters, website, Campus Portal and Empower. You can also follow the district through social media. We encourage you to check the website & Campus Portal weekly for building and teacher updates and to monitor your child’s academic progress.

Communication with School Staff:

If you need to reach a staff member, you are encouraged to send an email or call the main office to be directed to the teacher’s voicemail. Please remember that teachers are busy during the school day and may not be able to reply to your message until the start of the next school day. It is our goal to respond to all parent inquiries within one school day if possible.  Our staff list can be found here.

Set up Your Campus Portal Account Today!  

To set up an account, please contact the main office at or call 952-556-7800.