Advisory Update

It’s been a busy month of building positive relationships in Advisory. After first connecting with each other, we started the year by learning about our different school-wide processes. This allowed the kids to better understand how the different areas of our school works, but more importantly, they were able to connect a staff member to that area. For example, the kids now know Mrs. Rother energetically runs the HUB and Mr. Roper is incredibly helpful with Chromebook issues. Our sixth graders have focused on transitioning to middle school and are beginning to learn about the November Deep Portage field trip, while our seventh and eighth graders have been learning about the generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Students have also started engaging in gratitude lessons, which take place every other Thursday. The gratitude lessons are flanked with team-building activities and tangible reflection sheets. We modeled this reflection process once in September. Going forward, students will reflect with their Advisor twice per month about their academic progress and the choices they are making at school. At the end of each month, these reflection sheets will be sent home, and they’re meant to serve as conversation starters between learners and their parents and guardians.