Please contact our Attendance Line at 952-556-7899 or email for all absences, late arrivals or early departures.

Absences: Include your name, your child's first and last name (with spelling), grade and the reason for his/her absence in your message. If your child is ill, please list his/her symptoms. You must inform the school each day your child is ill.

Late Arrivals: Any student arriving after 8:40am MUST HAVE contact with office staff. A note from the doctor or a phone call from a parent/guardian to 952-556-7899 are also acceptable.

Leaving the building during school hours: All students needing to be released early due to appointments, vacation, sick, etc. MUST HAVE a parent/guardian or representative come into the office to sign the student out.

To make this process more convenient for you and your child:

  • Send a note with your child stating the date, time and reason for early release. Your child will need to bring the note to the office in the morning. He/she will be issued a pass to be released from class. Students may not leave class early without a pass or direct contact from the office staff.


  • You can call 952-556-7899 to leave a message with the time your child will need picked up and the reason. Please allow time for the office staff to get the pass to your child during the school day. At least a 2-hour time frame is recommended.

If your child is returning to school, you do not need to accompany them into the office if they have a note from the doctor. *Please note: If you come to the office to pick up your child without sending a note or calling, allow extra time for us to locate the student, contact the teacher and have the student come to the office.

Thank you for your cooperation in following these attendance guidelines.