Student Handbook

2023-2024 Secondary Student & Parent/Guardian 

Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

ECCS Overview

Handbook Rights & Responsibilities


Eastern Carver County School District Policies

Included below are some key policies and brief policy summaries. Each heading is a link to the full policy online.  You can also access the complete District Policies at www.District, click on Community on the main page, then choose School Board from the drop-down menu, and click the district Policies button. The Student & Parent/Guardian Handbook is updated throughout the year as policies are affirmed, revised, adopted or deleted by the school board. The date(s) the board acted on a given policy can be found in the policy itself.

Eastern Carver County School District Forms

The forms below be printed, signed and returned to your student(s) school, or the district office. You can also get copies from the district or school office, or the district or school website.